How to design the packing box?

First of all, we need to divide the color of the box according to the type of product.

Designers use their brains and professional aesthetic to create a packaging box. Secondly, the gift box packaging in addition to the good design of the box, the text of the case must also have a wonderful place.

Copywriting conveys a kind of culture, a kind of spirit, a kind of idea, which can reveal the connotation of the product profoundly. In addition, the text and logo complement each other, they constitute the cultural tone and cultural background of the whole package. However, when the overall pattern design, logo design and text of the box achieve a wonderful harmony, the package design can be said to be complete and excellent.


Step 1: open our AI, we need to have the split diagram of the packaging box, we can use AI to draw it first. Design the box as you want it to look.
Step 2: we need to pay attention to the size of the box designed by ourselves. There must be no problem with the size. We can adjust the ruler to check the size of the box designed by ourselves. We can choose between centimeters or millimeters.
Step 3: add your own logo on the front of the box, along with your brand's slogan, and type it. Different box design different layout can be designed according to their own preferences.
Step 4: add your own barcodes and health labels to the side.
Step 5: fill in your product information, such as production date, ingredients, brand, product name, use method and so on.
Step 6: remember to create the outline of your own packaging text, so that others in the production of the computer did not install your font can still print.
Step 7: label the size. We add the size of the product to the side of the packaging box designed by ourselves, so that it is more convenient to know the product and not to use a ruler to measure it.




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