Why do so many people like gift box packaging made of velvet box?

With the continuous extension of enterprise product lines, the variety of products is becoming more and more abundant.
When a variety of products are put together, how can businesses attract the attention of consumers?
For products without personalized packaging, it is difficult for customers to remember them, which leads to purchase desire.
In this regard, businesses often complain that the product packaging design is too traditional, without differentiation and lack of innovation.
There are many packaging materials on the market, but gift box packaging made of velvet is favored by most people.
Because of its smooth texture, velvet boxes are often used in the packaging of various high-end consumer goods,
such as perfume boxes, wine gift boxes, health products, and valuable goods.
Velvet box packaging often has fine workmanship, exquisite materials, and exquisite appearance and shape.
Therefore, velvet box packaging itself is usually highly ornamental and commercial.
The surface of the velvet box has bronzing and embossing processes, which are only used for treatment.
These two processes are more suitable for velvet gift box packaging, because it is more conspicuous, so it can more attract customers through brand value.
Speaking of environmental protection, compared with other ordinary packaging boxes, most people generally throw away the product after taking it.
But the velvet box packaging is not the same, it has great use value. Can store items, even some high-grade velvet box packaging can also be used for viewing.
Among all kinds of products, gift box packaging made of velvet box has attracted the attention of customers, so there is also a saying that "every velvet box is the longest-lasting billboard".
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