What are the key elements of jewelry packaging box design?

Jewelry Box knowledge sharing:
Jewelry can be described as a popular fashion item, which is loved by consumers. In order to attract the attention of consumers,
major businesses have worked hard on the quality, appearance and creativity of jewelry. As a professional jewellery box custom
manufacturer, Jindieli reminds everyone that packaging is also very important for a piece of jewelry.
Excellent outer packaging can not only improve the grade of the product but also promote sales. Although it is important for the
printing of packaging boxes to protect the goods inside, the exquisite appearance of packaging boxes is also something that
manufacturers must consider now. But also need to consider the cost and economic factors of packaging materials. Key points
of jewellery box design:
1. Since it is a jewellery box design, it must be designed with objective characteristics such as volume,
shape, material, style, style, brand story, etc. In this way, the packaging designed according to the characteristics and personality
of the product can better reflect unity and integrity.
2. According to the structure, all the boxes can be divided into heaven and earth cover jewelry boxes, folding jewelry boxes, drawer jewelry
boxes, upper swing jewelry boxes, etc. The heaven and earth cover jewelry box is very common. The upper cover and the lower cover
are separated. Almost all corrugated paper and gray board mounted art paper can be made into the heaven and earth cover packaging box.
3. According to the characteristics of the product, first select the process of the box, brand LOGO, product composition, use functions, etc.,
usually there are printing, bronzing, UV, lamination, embossing, engraving, etc.
A good jewelry packaging design needs to be compatible with these six points, among which practicality, convenience, artistry and
environmental protection are the top priorities. How to choose between them is a test of a designer's problem.
Jewelry display is actually a visual marketing method. It is based on different display spaces. It uses various props, artworks and accessories,
and uses various display techniques to fully display the product's functionality, characteristics, style, or theme of sales activities. Express it.



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