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Cardboard Box For Single Wine Packaging
wine packaging box

Cardboard Box For Single Wine Packaging JDL-5

Basic Information:

  • Item No:JDL-5
    Name:Cardboard box for single wine packaging
    Style:Folding Box
    Usage:Wine Packaging
    Finish:UV+Hot stamping
    Delivery time:25days


1.High quality red wine wooden box packaging is a comprehensive performance of red wine characteristics, brand concept, consumer psychology,etc. To improve the sales of red wine, pay attention to red wine wooden box packaging is an important aspect.

The grams of wine cardboard box can be divided into 800 grams, 1200 grams, 1600 grams, etc. The thickness of wooden wine box usually have 3mm, 6mm, 9mm MDF wood.In addition to material, capacity is also a factor to be considered, mainly divided into single bottle, two bottles, four bottles and six bottles.

Wine box mainly with cardboard box and wooden box.

Cardboard wine box is cost-effective, which can also be made very high-grade, the focus is on saving transportation space and saving freight when transporting. Choose high-grade wooden box can enhance the grade of red wine, it looks more valuable.



Select high grade raw material,use advanced production equipment and skilled technical worker to insurance the product’s quality.
The box will rigid enough not appear glue phenomenon.

Compare to other company,our price is very reasonable, we should complete the whole order on the premise of guaranteeing the quality.


3.Material selective:
These are the raw materials of the box. The box body usually have wooden(MDF) and cardboard material to select. The box outside material we have paper,leather,velvet,fancy paper,golden paper etc.The box tray material we use EVA, plastic,rubber etc.


4.Surface treatment

Finishes:  Printed paper or board can be coated using machine varnish (matt or gloss), UV (high gloss) or film laminate (high gloss or matt), golden stamping(sliver stamping), Embossing(Debossing), Silk screen, Stitching.


5.Application scenario:
Cocktail reception, presentation, gifts, etc


6.Package & shipping
The boxes are to be individually wrapped in polythene bags and then packed in cartons.Is strong enough to protect goods from damaging. And the packing mark can be made according to customer's requirement.
Big and reliable forwarder to keep your boxes delivered on Time. 
Shipping by courier or air:DHL,FedEx,Ups,EMS etc. Lead time 5-7days,advantage is fast,can arrange air and shipping samples to client directly.
Shipping by Sea:Port to Port.Time 18-25days,is slow but cheap.

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