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Custom Paper Box For Perfume Bottles JDL 153

Basic Information:

Number: JDL-153
Name: Custom Paper Box For Perfume Bottles
MOQ: 3000
Color:Black color or custom color box
Size: Custom
Style: Perfume boxes, skin care boxes, essential oil boxes, cardboard boxes
Cardboard box for perfume packaging, makeup preservation
Uses:makeupbox, gift box, packing box
Features: perfume box, can hold bottles, package box, light weight,Used for perfume or cosmetic promotions.
Finishing: printing, hot pressing, UV, lamination
According to your requests
Delivery time: 25 days
Basic Information:
Premium Essential Oil Box
Material: 1200grm cardboard and coated paper as external materials
Use EVA fixed buoy to protect the bottle, the material is smooth and the appearance is high-grade.
Color: black or custom color
Process: stitching / glossy lamination / matte lamination / embossing / embossing / UV coating / glazing / screen printing
The craft attitude handles every detail of production and provides free box and internal pallet structure design.
The four corners of the box's edges are fitted with silver hardware, which makes the box look high-end.
Key points of perfume box design: 1. Since it is a perfume box design, it must be designed with objective characteristics
such as volume, shape, material, style, style, brand story, etc. In this way, the packaging designed according to the characteristics and personality of the product can better reflect the unity and preliminaryness.
So how do you choose the right packaging for these skin care products? "The really successful packaging is
Product expansion not only reflects unique creativity, but also perfectly interprets genes
Brands and products. Each unique box is one of the reasons to attract customers to buy.
"This means it will not be discarded, and if done well, it can even become part of the product.
Professional R & D team and advanced imported equipment provide high-quality perfume oil boxes.
At the same time, the design of the perfume box is constantly innovating, achieving a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.
Since 2001, Guangzhou Jindieli Packaging Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been focusing on perfume boxes, essential oil boxes and fragrant wood boxes, integrating development, production, sales and service.
We have complete modern production machines and high-level staff to design and produce premium packaging for perfumes, fragrances and gifts.

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