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Fashion Wholesale Gift Custom Velvet Box Oud Box JDL 110

Basic Information:

Item No: JDL-110
Name: Fashion Wholesale Gift Custom Velvet Box Oud Box
MOQ: 3000
Color: Black color or custom color box
Size: Custom
Style:Drawer Box, Luxury Packaging Boxes,Velvet Box, Pack Box
Hot stamping packaging for perfumes, oud, esstential oil,gifts, etc.
Usage: Bottle Package,Gift Storage Boxes,Package Boxes
Features: Smooth flocking and durable Paper Boxes
Finishing: Glossy/mattlamination,gloss/matt varnish,emboss/deboss,hot-stamping logo,spot UV,
flocking ,Depends on your requirements
Delivery time: 25days


Best selling fashion custom flannel box, perfume box, essential oil box, oud box, logo and size similar to custom.
Guangzhou Jindieli Packaging Co., Ltd. is one of China's leading factories specializing in the production and sale of packaging boxes.
We have more than 20 years of experience in packaging box production lines. Integrating perfect craftsmanship and advanced technology, our sales plan includes more
Gift boxes, wine boxes, jewelry boxes and watch boxes, and more than 120 kinds of packaging boxes, make our boxes both elegant and attractive.

Box Features:
Material: High-grade flocking cloth, high-quality EVA.
External process: bronzing, printing, hot embossing, embossing, UV, gloss finishing, matte finishing, stitching, UV, etc.
Size: 12x8x5cm / can be customized
High-end custom essential oil box, suitable for essential oil or perfume and oud, high-end stylish and easy to carry

1. These packing boxes are made of special flocking cloth and EVA, which have excellent pressure resistance and physical properties.
2. Stable structure, high strength and strong resistance to high pressure impact.
3. We provide various packing boxes according to international standards, and can also provide drawings.
1. Packaging box can be used for product protection, display and extensive use promotion
2. Post-processing such as hot pressing, relief, engraving can be provided;
3. Environmentally friendly and durable
4. Packaging boxes come in different sizes and shapes.

All our boxes will pass the quality inspection before shipment, and all the boxes shown are commissioned by our customers and produced by us.
Different sizes, quantities and requirements, different prices. Please consult us before placing an order.
Welcome to Jindieli Packaging Company! OEM and ODM services
Professional manufacturer of high quality packaging boxes, including gift boxes, perfume boxes, wine boxes, jewelry boxes, cosmetic boxes ... 20 years of experience
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A Velvet Box Manufacturer

A velvet box is an important item in any jewelry display, which usually comes with a velvet ribbon and silk flowers. This particular design is very common and can be found in a number of designs from basic velvet boxes to tassel-backed boxes. These are unique designs that are generally thought to be of English origin, as they are the most popular in the traditional tradition.
Velvet boxes for jewelry are not only beautiful but also useful, since they come in different styles. It is possible to find these boxes for many different types of jewelry including antique pieces, silver necklaces, gold necklaces, silver pendants, and even modern designs. The materials that go into making such boxes include gold and silver, and even plastics if it is a high-end design.
However, it is important to note that these are not just velvet boxes with silk flowers that are labeled with the name of the manufacturer. A good manufacturer will place the logo of the company on the box so that customers know that they are getting a quality product. It is also important that such a box is protected by a resalable plastic bag so that it does not become dirty, and no one can take the box apart to clean it.
Choosing a high-end designer silk flower silk box is not difficult, since there are thousands of options. The main thing to consider when choosing such a box is the quality of the silk that it contains. The more expensive the silk, the higher the quality of the product.
Of course, there are many different silk materials that are used for the production of a velvet box. Some of the most common include satin, organza, velvet, and voile. Every manufacturer will use one or several of these in their boxes, though some might use one material in particular to produce all of their velvet boxes. The most common materials used are satin, organza, and velvet.
Many manufacturers of these boxes will also include a silk ribbon on the outside of the box, which comes in different colors. The color is important because some people like to use the velvet for both the box and their other items. Different people also like to purchase bags that match the box, which makes it more appealing to buy. Of course, there are others who prefer to buy a simple plain silk flower-printed bag, rather than a colorful velvet bag.
A velvet box can be purchased from a number of places, including online stores and jewelry stores. It is important to find a good, reputable manufacturer for your silk flower-printed bags, however, so that you will not be disappointed with the quality of the box. You can get more information about velvet boxes for jewelry by visiting our site below.
There are many benefits to using a velvet box manufacturer for your silk flower-printed bags. A good manufacturer can give you a much better box than one made of other materials and one that will last much longer. While the look of the box is important, the quality of the silk used is the main consideration, which is why most people prefer silk flower printed bags over other kinds.

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