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Glossy Lamination Printing Handling Cosmetic Paper Boxes JDL 142

Basic Information:

Number: JDL-142
Name:Glossy Lamination Printing Handling Cosmetic Paper Boxes 
MOQ: 3000
Color: Black color or custom color box
Size: Custom
Style: Cosmetic package boxes, oral liquid package boxes, paper boxes
Uses: cosmetic packaging
Features: Can be used to package various beauty products, has the characteristics of recycling and light weight
Used for gifts or office bottle promotions.
Finishing: printing, hot pressing, UV, lamination
According to your requests
Delivery time: 25 days
1. Accept OEM and ODM. LOGO can be customized.
2. Material: Various kinds materials to selective,Wooden,Cardboard, Paper, EVA, Sponge,Plastic
3. Features: Durable and fuctional pack box
4. Surface treatment: printing, hot stamping,lamination,UV
Make unique pack boxes to meet your products.
The biggest feature of this makeup box is the open way,it's differ from other ordinally cosmetic box.
This box is used to pack small bottles of cosmetics or skin care products. Use printing paper to wrap on 1200 grams of cardboard.
The surface is printed with black and Logo hot stamped black gold. The shape of the box is a half-drawn form. It is unique and innovative.
As an auxiliary packaging for beauty products and skin care products, cosmetic packaging can effectively promote brand awareness.
Cosmetics are diverse, and different cosmetics have different packaging requirements. We are a professional cosmetics box printing
company, with excellent packaging printing services, favored by many customers at home and abroad.
Cosmetic cases allow consumers to quickly and roughly understand their functions and effects.
Eyelash packaging boxes, facial care boxes, wig supplies boxes, etc. are several common categories in cosmetic packaging boxes.
The beauty industry spends creativity and money on packaging design, which is one of the methods that can influence consumers' purchases.
Many of the products launched by cosmetics companies in the market are similar. Only using a box with an exclusive logo can make a deep impression on the buyer.
Outstanding cosmetic brands have successfully marketed their products due to unique and innovative packaging.
Guangzhou Jindieli Packaging was established in 2001 with integrated capability in manufacturing, research and design, and marketing.
We are specialized in producing various kinds of pack boxes products with different sizes, shape and designs, such as cosmetic boxes,
eyelash boxes, flower boxes, candle boxes etc.Till now, our products are well accepted with great reputation to clients around domestic and oversea market.

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