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Handmade Feature Gift Packaging Box Perfume Box Wrapping JDL 175

Basic Information:

Number: JDL-175
Name:Handmade Feature Gift Packaging Box Perfume Box Wrapping
MOQ: 3000
Color:Custom color,CMYK printed color
Size: Custom
Style: Perfume Box Wrapping, frangrant boxes, aroma boxes, attar boxes
Daisy Perfume Black Box for perfume packaging, aroma preservation
Uses:fragrance box, tester box, packing box
Features: Durable, can hold bottles, package box,  Printing effect,Used for perfume or aroma promotions.
Finishing: Embossinh, Hot stamping, UV, lamination
According to your requests
Delivery time: 25 days
1.Cardboard paper box aroma use perfume box CMYK printing glossy lamination paper box belongs to perfume box packaging
   with customized design, box style, dimension and finishing, that's OEM perfume packaging box.
2.Perfume box usage CMYK printing glossy laminate use 300gsm paper wih fresh color printing
3.Perfume box with MOQ od 2000pcs, it's easy to start business.
Order information
1.Tell us you need to customize the size of the box and style.
2.We calculate the price for your product.
3.Buyers provide design draft or design material
4.After the buyer confirms the artwork, the material, and confirms the good, we carry on the printing production.
Before we customize the perfume box, we must first figure out the positioning of the product. The customization
of the perfume packaging box is extremely important in the user experience. It determines how we interact with the user.
If a product does not spend energy on packaging, then What people will feel is very cheap, it is a bargain, it will reflect
the brand of the product and the views of customers. How do people get the idea of buying a bead for those customized
boxes made by others? What color is the label? What process does it have? What materials does it use? How does it feel?
A good box makes people want to take it home at first sight! When you don't know a product but need it very much,
it is to see which box 's “appearance” is more attractive to you. Packaging is the continuation of the brand, and the
kind of exquisite packaging is generally reluctant to throw away, especially customized.
A good perfume packaging box is the best advertisement for a product. You can see this brand when you see its packaging box.
Humans are visual animals, both men and women will be attracted by beautiful things, and now the value of customized boxes is
getting higher and higher, such as the Coca-Cola red logo color, and the arc-shaped packaging that can be recognized
by Coca Cola at a glance Become the visual success of brand packaging. There are also some "Teli Walk" brands.
For example, Chanel No. 5 broke through the traditional packaging and became a timeless classic. It has also been one of the best-selling perfumes in the world.
Jindieli Packaging specializes in various perfume packaging boxes, essential oil boxes, aromatherapy boxes, Incese Box, etc.
We have advanced and complete printing machines that can provide high-quality printing and high-quality perfume boxes and
printing services for our customers. In particular, we are very good at printing paper packaging boxes and paper bags of automatic
packaging machines, which is why we have established good relations with some famous companies. Obviously, our price is very
competitive because we are a manufacturer of perfume boxes. Therefore, we are convinced that we can not only help you save costs, but also provide you with quality packaging.

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