How Does Perfume Packaging Boxes Create Profits?

The perfume packaging boxes may be a huge cost for the brand, especially when you consider the total cost. The product box itself has a cost, but there may also be some additional costs; these costs and products The cost of transportation is indirectly related.
A rough estimate of the cost of perfume packaging is 2% of the value of the goods. If the price of the product is $ 100, the price of the package is $ 2. If the price of the product is $ 1,000, the price of the package is $ 20, and so on. These numbers are often used as industry standards, however, many companies want to keep packaging costs within this percentage. Through flexible perfume product boxes, costs can be saved in various ways.
Check the labor costs of assembling boxes and products included in the total cost that the company surveyed when shipping perfume. With the flexible perfume packaging boxes, you can easily reduce-part of the time spent in assembling the packaging box and product. For example, use a folding box that can be quickly assembled, or a convenient lid box.
What factors influence your decision to buy your favorite perfume nowadays? Some people may think it is the quality or personal taste of perfume, but in many cases, they will choose their favorite perfume, the reason may be mostly the packaging of the perfume you like .
The outer packaging of perfume is the main reason why we buy certain perfumes, so companies should consider this when planning how to design packaging.
Information provided on the packaging
The content on the packaging is very important, because here, the customer can know all the information about it. The customer flipped the box he got and learned about some of the ingredients that make the product, where and where to look for trusted claims. This is why the words on the packaging are so important for selling perfume products People do n’t trust the way the information is presented, then they probably wo n’t buy the product.
The packaging does not have to be shiny
When you design the packaging, it is not necessarily that you can achieve the striking effect only by the bright and beautiful design. In fact, as long as your packaging is unique enough, it will definitely attract consumers' attention. For example, a product name that is easy to pronounce should be easy to remember even after the customer leaves the store.
The importance of being unique in your perfume packaging cannot be overstated. Usually, when faced with similar products, many customers will buy products with gorgeous packaging. Remember, being different does not always mean being flashy. If you know that all your competitors have the best packaging, then try to do the opposite and stick to a solid color and minimal text.
Safe packaging
Sometimes, the effectiveness of your packaging has nothing to do with color, but a security consideration. If the customer is close to two brands of perfume products, one of which looks more likely to be damaged than the other, which customer will buy, the result is obvious.
The outer packaging of perfume is only one factor to enhance your brand, because there are many other design techniques that can make your perfume ahead of other brand products. If you need customized packaging, you can contact us. We are a manufacturer that integrates original packaging customization, production and sales, and can make your products stand out from other brands.



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