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Luxury Flower Box Perfume Double Layer Box Design JDL 188

Basic Information:

Number: JDL-188
Name:Luxury Flower Box Perfume Double Layer Box Design 
MOQ: 3000
Color:Custom color,CMYK printed color
Size: Custom
Style: Flower box perfume, frangrant boxes, aroma boxes, attar boxes
Flower box perfume for perfume packaging, aroma preservation
Uses:fragrance box, tester box, packing box
Features: Flower box perfume, double layer box design, can hold bottles, package box, Carving effect,Used for perfume or aroma promotions.
Finishing: Printing, Embossing, Hot stamping, UV, lamination
According to your requests
Delivery time: 25 days
Material:MDF, cardboard, coated paper, flannel, plastic flowers, coated paper, etc.
Size (L * W * H) customized
Color: CMYK offset printing, Pantone color printing, flexographic printing and UV printing
Surface treatment: glossy / matte coating, glossy / matte coating, gold / silver foil stamping, spot UV, embossing, etc.
Industry uses: paper packaging, transportation, chocolate, wine, cosmetics, perfume, clothing, jewelry, tobacco, food, daily gifts, electronics, publishing houses, gift toys, daily necessities, specialty items, exhibitions, etc.
Guangzhou Jindeli Packaging Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of perfume boxes and develops various innovative gift packaging every year.
Exquisite printing can make the perfume box more beautiful and leave a top impression, which can add value to packaging and products.
First-class facilities, technology and management are the guarantee of perfect service and first-class products.
Properly customized perfume packaging can present better products. It can also improve the overall image of the brand.
After all, the first impression of consumers is very important. Understanding the following valuable tips will help you better
understand the significance of choosing a customized luxury packaging box manufacturer.
Can ensure that perfume product packaging is running well
Custom perfume packaging needs to ensure that products can be easily transported from point A to point B. Of course, in addition to these,
product packaging also needs to be practical. When packaging your luxury goods, if it is a fragile product, you need to focus on materials
specifically designed for strength. If your product is to be displayed on a retail shelf, then you need to put more effort into the appearance display.
For example, you can work hard on the packaging process.
Recommend suitable materials
Think of the packaging design as an architect and consider what material is the most suitable packaging for your perfume.
Grey board
The gray board is produced from recycled waste paper, which has good anti-collision and shock absorption effects, and
has a smooth surface, which can mount various papers and fabrics.
corrugated paper
Corrugated paper is widely used, low cost, easy to process, and has a good anti-collision effect, usually used in luxury e-commerce packaging, etc.
For example, your product has four different sizes. Consider how to save costs in customizing the size and packaging design of perfume packaging boxes.
You can design two different size packages to accommodate four sizes. This not only saves time and money, but also ensures that your products are consistent.
Although some packaging trends may favor smaller and more convenient sizes, everything needs to be based on the size of the product.
This provides new ideas for perfume packaging manufacturers to create visually appealing and practical packaging. It also makes packaging box manufacturers
aware of how to design sustainable product packaging to meet the growing market demand.
For whom to design custom packaging
When choosing the right customized product box, the most important thing is to understand your target audience. To attract your customers, you need to
understand whether they belong to a niche market or a mainstream market. Design luxury packaging that suits the needs of the target audience.
Choosing the right packaging for luxury goods can be a difficult decision. Custom perfume packaging can have a great impact on any brand, whether
you are designing product packaging for large companies or small businesses. It is very necessary to choose to cooperate with formal luxury packaging
custom manufacturers, it can ensure the effectiveness of your custom packaging.

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