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Luxury Perfume Box With Metal Card JDL-4

Basic Information:

  • Item No:JDL-4
    Name:luxury perfume box with metal card
    Style:Drawer box
    Usage:Perfume Packaging
    Finish:Printing+Metal card
    Delivery time:25days

Guangzhou Jindieli Packaging Co., Ltd was founded in 2001, has developed into an excellent modern enterprise with commercial printing and customized high end gift box as its core business. The high quality gift boxes manufactured with first class equipment, not ensure the safety of your products, but also highlight the quality of your products.


We are one of the largest perfume box manufacturers in Guangzhou, cooperation with many famous perfume companies abroad.


Mainly products including 6ml bottle oil box, 12ml perfume box, 50ml perfume bottle box, 100ml packing box for perfume bottle, 150ml perfume box and so on, the design come in various style, price are directly factory price.


Our major perfume box are paper perfume box, essential oil box, leather bukhoor box, oud box, packing gift box and packaging box and perfume display set.


The luxurious perfume box is mainly embodied in the material and design of the box. The MDF material perfume box and the PU leather perfume box look naturally more luxurious than the cardboard material, but the ordinary cardboard material can also make a luxurious feeling. This requires a lot of thought on the design of the box, which means that the design should be creative, and then the design of the pattern or the text process can use bronzing, engraving, 3D UV effect.


We are famous for our superior quality, competitive prices, delicate workmanship, and safe package and prompt delivery. We can fully satisfy with your demands and have a large customer base. We provide professional high quality perfume packaging for different well-known brands and even establish long-term stable cooperative relations which prove that our perfume box enjoy a great popularity.


* Fashion design: all luxury perfume boxes are Fashion, modern, elegance, good-looking.

Competitive Advantages

1. Good quality and price.

2. Environmental - friendly, recyclable and durable.

3 Lightweight: easy to carry and store.

Collapsible: Save shipping space and cost. Advertising and promoting Tools: widespread used in supermarkets and exhibitions.

4. Can be used in conjunction with other materials according to different load-bearing requirements, such as (metal, wood, acrylic, etc.)

5. Sizes and graphics can be customized.8. OEM and ODM service offered.


What information should offered to get a quotation?

1. The size of the products (length*width*height)

2. The material and the inside craft

3. The quantity and the color

4. If possible, please provide with pictures or design for checking. Sample will be best for clarifying.


luxury box packaging

Many gift givers are "signed" to make their gifts recognizable. Some people give gifts in a more casual way, and newspapers are often useful: An acquaintance likes to choose the appropriate newspaper layout as a package for each recipient, such as sports, comedy, gardening, and so on. Many gift givers simply put their names or initials on ribbons and use these ribbons for various packaging purposes. Gift packaging expresses your own tastes, hobbies, color sense and design features in a visible form. Once you have decided your way, you avoid some future decisions, and you can always be prepared because you buy a sufficient amount of spare packaging. Traditional Japanese-style packaging usually has a difficult time wrapping a flower plant gift. However, you can put it in a fun and suitable container to increase its appeal. Shells, glass bowls, vine baskets, decoration Straws, products, metal wastebaskets, these can be used to enrich the appearance of flowers and plants gifts. Jars that match plants in size, shape, color, and design make the object more attractive. If the container does not have a drain, the plant is first placed in a pot with a drain, and then the pot is placed in a decorative container. If possible, remove the glitter paper from the planted gifts you buy before sending them, as these packages often weaken the beauty of the plants.

Eye-catching packaging can be very simple or extremely luxury box packaging. Most gifts are packaged in basic shapes: cylindrical (or spherical) and other three-dimensional shapes. These packages can range from matchboxes, golf balls to boxcars, hot air balloons, and more. Everyone can learn to shape, fold, and paste containers in these shapes. If you carefully fold the corners of the wrapping paper and make the two sides, you can fold out a lively rectangle. If you are good at packaging with paper, a few layers of colored or white tissue paper can design a lively and attractive luxury box packaging. You can add stamps, prints or marble flowers on your own paper. Children often like lettering or printing to make their own packaging. There are many books that provide knowledge and advice on packaging tips and increasing the value of packaging. With these guidelines, smart people can decorate packaging designs in the shape of travel shoes, mailboxes, bookworms, ice creams, bees, turtles, diamonds, tramps, buses, clowns, apron or stars. One can learn how to use old cartons and flower pots as basic shapes to practice packaging, and then beautify them with tape, brown paper or popsicles, and decorate with paper pads, metal discs, etc. However, most of us have been using the gift wraps we buy to design that convenient and mundane packaging, usually at the last minute, and are poorly thought out. The result is often a signal to the person that the giver has something else or is in a hurry to find a gift. In fact, the giver spent a lot of time choosing such a decent gift for that particular occasion and recipient. So gift packaging is very important. A good packaging can add a lot of color to the gift.

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