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Oval Packing Design Perfume Leather Box With Zipper JDL 196

Basic Information:

Number: JDL-196
Name:Oval Packing Design Perfume Leather Box With Zipper 
MOQ: 3000
Color:White color, printed box, pick color
Size: Custom
Style:leather box perfume,round boxes, aroma boxes, attar boxes, gift box
Flower box perfume for perfume packaging, aroma preservation
Uses:fragrance box, tester box, packing box
Features: Zipper leather perfume box, easy to carry,Used for perfume or gift promotions.
Finishing: Carving, Printing, Embossing, Hot stamping, UV, lamination
According to your requests
Delivery time: 25 days
What's the material of this packaging box?
The pack box usually have two materials: cupboard and mdf
Most outside materials use the paper/leather/velvet
Size: Accept customization
Color: Can be changed
Jindieli Packaging Company established in 2001, is located in Guangzhou. We are a professional prackage box industrial company,
focusing on the product research and development, sales. We have cheap prices and rich variety resources.
We can accept OEM & ODM. We mainly produce perfume box, essential oil box, gift box, wine box, chocolate box and so on.
We also have 15-year business experience in Middle-east market and fixed customers flow and sales volume.
Our company have 2 factories, that means we have strong capacity to meet customer's demand, and the workers strictly control the quality of products.
In the preliminary work of designing new perfume products, a lot of effort has been put into it,
but have you ever thought about what will happen when you are preparing to sell new perfume products?
You may have considered marketing and promotion, but have you ever thought about using perfume product packaging boxes?
Help you do the follow-up work, because the packaging of the product is very important for your perfume to be sold from the shelf.
Below we will help you tell you from the simplest aspect.
1. Materials
Your high-end packaging team should be able to narrow the ideal material range for your perfume-in terms of structural integrity, appearance and audience.
Choosing the right materials should include the price range you want, your sales channel, your security requirements and your display.
The difference between the difference between a corrugated packaging, a cardboard packaging or a high-end packaging can have a significant impact on the marketability of your product.
2. Pattern
When it comes to marketability, you may have thought of this: patterns. The pattern design of high-end packaging boxes is one
of the most important functions, and it can really make your products stand out on the shelves. According to your price range,
sales channel and market, different pattern design elements can become your outstanding features. The color and surface treatment
(gloss, soft touch, water-based paint, etc.) used should be carefully considered according to your target customers.
3. Structural design
The structural design of high-end packaging should consider many factors, such as size, safety, durability, shelf space and storage space.
The importance of choosing size, design and materials will affect the success of your product. In addition to the beautiful design,
the structural design of high-end packaging must also properly secure and protect the product-whether it falls off the shelf or is
damaged during transportation, it should be protected. It is also important to design a product package that is easy to manufacture,
reasonable in cost, and reasonable in production time.
When choosing high-end packaging for your new fragrance, there are many factors to consider, I hope these concepts mentioned above can help you.

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