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Perfume Box Commercial Use Cardboard Paper Box Perfume Product JDL 161

Basic Information:

Number: JDL-161
Name:Perfume Box Commercial Use Cardboard Paper Box Perfume Product
MOQ: 3000
Color:Black color,Pink color, CMYK printed color
Size: Custom
Style: Perfume boxes, frangrant boxes, aroma boxes, attar boxes
Cardboard box for perfume packaging, aroma preservation
Uses:fragrance box, tester box, packing box
Features: perfume box, can hold bottles, package box, light weight,Used for perfume or aroma promotions.
Finishing: Engrave, sculpted, UV, lamination
According to your requests
Delivery time: 25 days
Perfume packaging
Customized packaging
We also offer custom perfume customization services, printing your logo on the box.
MOQ: 3000PCS
Material: perfume box wrapping
Printing: offset printing, CMYK printing
Finishing: Silver stamping
Size: Custom according to actual product
Special Process: We choose the most suitable perfume box design style and carefully design each fragrant box to meet the design needs of customers.
Feature: Paper box is environmentally friendly and recyclable. The toughness of cardboard box makes it stronger.
Jindieli Packaging Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. It specializes in the design, production and sales
of perfume packaging boxes, leather boxes, carton boxes and wooden boxes. Provide creative services
to customers such as perfumes, fragrances, essential oils, aroma. Design and development are the main
means to assist customers in market development, perfume brand promotion, product line extension,
marketing promotion and planning and achieve certain results.
The 21st century is a century of "greenism", and environmental protection awareness has become popular!
Creating perfume packaging designs that are conducive to environmental protection and human health will be
the goal pursued by today's consumers and ---. Therefore, packaging --- while considering the effects of product
sales shelves, pursuing design concepts and marketing benefits, should be guided by the interests of social groups,
take full account of social costs and social responsibilities, and also consider the advantages and disadvantages of
environmental protection. Pursue sales volume or flashy overpacking, but should strive to reduce social costs,
perfume boxes, reduce environmental pollution, wholesale perfume boxes, use limited natural resources in designs
that truly bring substantial benefits to consumers, and personalize green Package Design! Jindieli perfume box packaging,
the choice of packaging materials are more and more inclined to paper packaging, but also save resources for consumers and society.

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