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Perfume Box Mockup Design With Ribbon JDL 195

Basic Information:

Number: JDL-195
Name:Perfume Box Mockup Design With Ribbon 
MOQ: 3000
Color:White color, printed box, pick color
Size: Custom
Style: Flower box perfume, portable boxes, aroma boxes, attar boxes, handle box
Flower box perfume for perfume packaging, aroma preservation
Uses:fragrance box, tester box, packing box
Features: Exquisite flower perfume box, easy to carry, flower effect,Used for perfume or perfume promotions.
Finishing: Carving, Printing, Embossing, Hot stamping, UV, lamination
According to your requests
Delivery time: 25 days
Perfume packaging boxes are a key component of product transportation costs.
At the same time, perfume packaging boxes can create maximum value for products.
It provides a specific area which is lean production. Lean manufacturing is a concept that applies to
adding more value by minimizing product handling. High-quality perfume packaging is very suitable for this "less is more" concept.
When it comes to cost control, many losses are found in transportation, where waste of labor and materials is not uncommon.
High-quality perfume packaging allows customers to receive products in the desired manner at the desired time and place.
Efficient perfume packaging can bring great value. If the customer does not receive the expected product or the product in the expected form,
customer satisfaction will plummet. High-quality perfume packaging allows products to be handled as little as possible.
This is consistent with the principle of lean production, because one goal is to eliminate everything that cannot add value. The second goal is to improve product quality.
Like lean manufacturing, the quality of the packaging box is the main purpose of protective packaging.
When the company chooses high-quality protective packaging manufacturers, it will receive huge profits.
The opportunity to add as little value as possible is huge. Without a quality guarantee for a perfume packaging box,
the potential loss is not just product value. Improperly packaged items may damage the relationship with customers.
Perfume and product boxes form part of the packaged product. If any party has a bad pool, it will cause them to fail as a whole.
If either of the two improves the quality, it will benefit both of them. Companies can stand out by offering packaging that exceeds
their competitors. Proper protective packaging materials can also reduce the size of perfume packaging boxes and reduce labor costs.
Many packaging options do damage the environment. Once used, the packaging box will be discarded to generate garbage and landfill.
Packaging that uses environmentally friendly materials and can be expanded beyond one use is ideal. The customized perfume packaging
box takes up less space, which again reduces the waste during transportation. Of course, there are more ways to reduce waste.
The wasted labor costs time and money, and many companies find their current shipping procedures inefficient.
Companies can streamline their perfume packaging process by applying the principles of lean production. These guidelines
can help reduce costs and increase profits while increasing customer satisfaction. Although often forgotten, for companies
that want to practice and succeed in lean production, high-quality perfume packaging boxes may be a key component.
As an ODM and OEM manufacturer, Jindieli packaging specializes in developing and manufacturing perfumes and cosmetic packaging for 20 years,
owning 8 production line, 600 skilled workers. We perform quality control in every production process, our serious inspection system ensures us to supply
excellent quality products to our clients and enable us to establish a long term partnership with them.
Jindieli packaging designs and manufactures paper packaging solutions for many of the world's most well-known brands.
Our creative and amazing paper packaging products include high-quality hard boxes, folding cartons and corrugated paper packaging,
as well as molded fibers and pulp. Our products are widely used in consumer perfumes, electronics, gifts, cosmetics, watches, wine and luxury goods.

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