We offer OEM services, and most of our boxes are custom made. If you don't know how to choose the box that suits you, the following information may be helpful to you.

You can make a selection based on the reference picture above,regardless of size, craft, LOGO, we can customize. If you have any confusion, please contact us, we will provide professional advice and choose the most suitable box for you.

1. Confirm what the box is used for, confirm the size of the box according to the size of the product, and make the design.If there is no design, please provide us with your LOGO and tell us what kind of box you like,we have professional designers.

2.From box shape, can be devide into lid and base box, folding box, drawer box, book-shape box etc.

3.Confirm material, The box body usually have wooden(MDF) and cardboard material to select. The box outside material we have paper,leather,velvet,fancy paper,golden paper etc.The box tray material we use EVA, plastic,rubber etc.x etc.

4.Confirm surface treatment.Printed paper or leather can be coated using machine varnish (matt or gloss), UV (high gloss) or film laminate (high gloss or matt), golden stamping(sliver stamping), Embossing(Debossing), Silk screen, Stitching.


Useful Information: How to Choose the Right Velvet Gift Box Manufacturer

When you are looking for a custom made packing box it can be quite a challenge. For this you need to have some good sources where you can get the information about the manufacturer that can be found some online companies. The advantage of going to the online companies is that you can find a bulk price or even wholesale price as you would be getting more of a discount. It would also help you save your money because you would not have to go to the whole world of wholesale companies to get the product you need.


The first step you need to take would be to find the perfect velvet gift box manufacturer. It is not that hard to find one and you can even find several companies that are of the same brand. You need to find the right supplier as it can be quite difficult to find a supplier for specialty goods. So, start looking for the right supplier and you will be able to have the right packaging box at the right price.


To have the best bag for your velvet gift box you need to get the number of options that are required for the right packaging. The number of options can be as many as 10 as well as the brand and number of features that you are looking for. If you are looking for a customized velvet bag for the gift box then you can give a look at the multiple choices that you are able to see that will help you find the right supplier to make your custom look. In addition to this you should also look for the style and design that you will be able to see that can help you customize your packing box for the perfect gift box. You can even see the chances that the manufacturer would be able to give you a number of styles that are customized to help you get your velvet bag customized.


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