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Single Essential Oil Packaging Box
Special Box Single Essential Oil Packaging Box
single essential oil perfumr packaging box

Special Box Single Essential Oil Packaging Box JDL-1

Basic Information:

  • Item No:JDL-1
    Name:special box single essential oil packaging box
    Style:Clamshell Box
    Usage:Essential oil Packaging
    Finish:UV+Metal card
    Delivery time:25days

Select high grade raw material,use advanced production equipment and skilled technical worker to insurance the box quality.
The box will rigid enough not appear glue phenomenon.
We got reasonable price compare to other company as we should complete the whole order on the premise of guaranteeing the quality.


2.There are various kinds of perfume boxes for different perfume. Single perfume or essential oil, will be generally use cardboard box packaging and leather boxes packaging.

If it is loaded with several perfume, choose leather box and wooden box will be better. The customer can choose the appropriate box according to the type of perfume bottle.


3. Regular exhibitions are necessary to keep up with the market demand. We have participated in various beauty exhibitions in Italy, dubai, Saudi Arabia and other places,

as well as the Canton fair in China.At the exhibition, we will release some boxes that are both fashionable and distinctive.So we have different types of perfume boxes for you to choose.


4.Companies such as Arabian oud perfume, Four seasons,JP Chocolate,Maybach Motore enbau Gift Packaging,USA,Ubisoft's high hotel,Emirate Mayer Inc,G.H.MUMM,DOMAINES,

SKR Sakora etc have a good cooperation with us. We are trying to expand our customer base, try to reach out to different countries and focus on developing global customers.

5.Material selective:
These are the raw materials of the box. The box body usually have wooden(MDF) and cardboard material to select. The box outside material we have paper,leather,velvet,fancy paper,

golden paper etc.The box tray material we use EVA, plastic,rubber etc.


6.Surface treatment

Finishes:  Printed paper or board can be coated using machine varnish (matt or gloss), UV (high gloss) or film laminate (high gloss or matt), golden stamping(sliver stamping), Embossing(Debossing), Silk screen, Stitching.

7.Package & shipping
The boxes are to be individually wrapped in polythene bags and then packed in cartons.Is strong enough to protect goods from damaging. And the packing mark can be made according to customer's requirement.

Big and reliable forwarder to keep your boxes delivered on Time. 
Shipping by courier or air:DHL,FedEx,Ups,EMS etc. Lead time 5-7days,advantage is fast,can arrange air and shipping samples to client directly.
Shipping by Sea:Port to Port.Time 18-25days,is slow but cheap.



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Useful Information about Oud Perfume Box

Packaging can influence a brand’s sales strategy. If the product wants to create a unique image in the target, packaging design is the most effective method.

Perfume culture is strong and has a long history, but Arabic perfumes have played an important role in the development of the entire perfume industry. Spices, resins, imported wood or vanilla are the raw materials traditionally used to make charming fragrances in Arabic perfumes. Most of these perfumes are centered on a strong perfume culture. The Arab perfume culture has a long-lasting influence and has a profound impact. These perfumes are mainly made of resin, perfume and imported wood as raw materials to create charming fragrances. oud is extracted from resin wood, which can be used to make charming perfume. It mixes saffron, sandalwood, floral, vanilla, and other elements to create a unique and attractive fragrance. In order for these ouds to have a place in the market, they must be fitted with a suitable packaging.

Pros of oud perfume box:

Think about oud perfume box packaging. Due to the need to avoid damage during transportation, many online sellers use ordinary cartons or plastic bags to ship their products. Although plastic bags are cheap, light, and practical, they don't make your brand unique, and may even leave a bad first impression on today's environmentally conscious consumers. Like plastic shopping bags, oud perfume boxes are powerful, durable, and high-end fashion. They also have luxurious appearances, making fashion consumers fall in love with them at first glance.

In addition, the design can be customized according to your exact specifications; it can include your company's logo, single or four color printing, metal label, UV, bronzing, etc. And, unlike waste plastic bags that eventually fill up landfills, wood is not non-degradable, it is environmentally friendly, and customers can reuse or recycle them. This is a feature that continues to benefit consumers, manufacturers, and retailers. oud perfume box has real value.

Its unique appearance attracts people's attention, making your products stand out among those bland unpacked goods, cartons and plastic bags, and attracting customers to scan the crowded store aisles. Make oud perfume box your secret sales agent!


Oud Fragrance Boxes - Provides Special Experience


Oud perfume packaging boxes are most commonly found in women's fragrances and bedroom, however the small boxes are also found in the production line of our perfume and wooden box boxes that are used in manufacturing oud perfumes. Our perfume bottles are small in size and less expensive compared to other types of fragrances. Manufacturers use a special plastic insert in order to manufacture special oud perfume bottle. The shape of the old bottles is rectangular in shape with round and oval bottom that are a shallow rectangular shape. Also there is another small box that is opened and filled with the particular type of your perfume which does not contain any scent. Other scent is poured inside of this small box for preparation for the next production stage.


Oud perfume is very famous for its high quality with the type of wood that is used for making oud is the Black tea tree that is native to Africa. It has been used for hundreds of years in African and perfumes which have a deep earthy and tropical smell which gives the oud fragrance the unique and exotic feeling. An additional type of oud is the red eucalyptus oud, that has been popular in the market since the beginning of the twentieth century. Oud smells good and provides the customers with a special experience. Other types of our fragrances are citrus and vanilla. It has the feature of providing the customers with more than the ordinary.


An important function of the Oud fragrance is that it gives the customers a warm feeling. Customers feel good when they smell it. The difference of Oud fragrance is its deep fragrance and is used for aromatherapy massage. Aroma massage is used in order to enhance the body's natural treatment. Consumers are attracted to the product because of its uniqueness and because of its fragrance that are very unique. It is also very affordable and available at many stores and online stores. If you have any gift packaging box, this gift box will surely serve your purpose because of its great value.



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