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Guangzhou Jindieli packaging co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of watch boxes.We have been in the printing and packaging industry for over 19 years.And with a number of well-known watch brand companies at home and abroad.We can provide different kinds of watch gift packaging, such as single watch box, double box, set watch box and so on, with a unique style of wine box.We can provide a variety of bottle protective box inserts as well as the box itself.Below are samples of all these boxes for your reference. watch box suppliers, watch box manufacturer, watch box Custom-made high-end boxes play an important role in enhancing product value. If the watch box suppliers and watch box manufacturer of watch boxes want to stand out from the fierce competition of boxes, in addition to doing good box design and packaging printing, they also need to make good choices of inner care materials. In addition to the inner support material, color matching is also very important. Color matching is no longer a simple problem in the design of watch boxes. Designers can use many tools, but it is not a very important thing to make full use of rich color elements. Simple things. Xiaobian found that when many people actually design, they often consider color matching and color area processing solutions related to shape and texture according to the purpose of design. When developing a color scheme, watch box suppliers and watch box manufacturer should consider the following points to highlight the visual effect.


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